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MPlayer OS X

MPlayerOSX is binary distribution of MPlayer (The Movie Player for Linux) and comes with native GUI in MacOSX. After installation you can simply (by Drag&Drop) play almost all 3ivx, DivX 3,4,5 and other codecs files in the window or fullscreen mode. Rendering of very nice antialiased text-based subtitles is also supported.

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Quality of postprocessing

MPlayer has very good postprocessing. On every image in the movie is applied a filter to reduce square areas, which comes from codec's compression algorithm.
This images are grabed from the same .avi divx movie in the 10-2002:
MPlayer PostProcesing MPlayer
MPlayer PostProcesing QuickTime
MPlayer PostProcesing VLC

This page was created by Klokan Petr Pridal (founder of the project).
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